GCSE HISTORY at The Highfield School

Welcome to the Modern World History from the History Department at the Highfield School. From here we would like you to be able to access resources that we have cherry picked for your use when learning these events in lessons. You should see this is as an opportunity to study a your own pace and in a method which you feel comfortable with. Please access our resources and spend time studying what we have on offer here, including notes on the topics you need to know for the exams, links to other sites, videos to solidify any knowledge which you feel that you are weaker on and lots of sources and practice questions. We hope that this will be a good resource for you when you're revising. In addition we have a section devoted to our very popular Berlin Trip. Our main goal is to get you to interact with this information and make your voice heard, under each page there is a discussion tab, please follow this tab and read the conversation that your class mates are having and join the debate. Remember there's no right or wrong answers, only opinions, and if you can't express them here then where can you?

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Mr. J. Grant (Head of Department)
Mr. S. Hadley
Mr. W. Peacock

All the files and details you need for your GCSE History have been selected and attached to this Wiki, however should you wish to get the files and updates straight from the horse's mouth, please feel free to have a look around on the Exam Board's website: